Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For you

If you're reading this, then this is for you...

----------For you-----------
Flickering every now and then,
Your eyes are like the fireflies that dance
To the joy of finding a partner.
Joy is elusive of you,
The tears that trickle down your cheeks
Tear and pull your skin like the maelstroms.
The clouds shall move in unison
Flock over to where you are
To kill the winds with their stagnancy.
The rain will then pour
Healing you with every drop
That shall caress your soul.
The rains will come for you.

When the night grows thick and dark,
Cocooning you in a sap of tranquility
Making the air too thick to breathe,
Suffocating you in your own breath.
The moon shall shine bright,
Its gleam subliming the envelop.
The moon will come out for you.
When the darkness of the night covers all
Encompassing all around you,
Laying difficulties in your path
The stars will shine brighter
Illuminating your path of Destiny
And guide you like they did the Three Kings.
The stars will shine for you.

When storms are heading your way,
And the skies prepare their arrows
And let their electric weapons through,
As the thunders and rumbles begin their vociferous march
Coming forward in waves,
Violating the borders of home.
Causing the doors and windows to clatter in fear
The sun will shine bright,
Its rays purging the ominous clouds
Creating an aura of protection around you.
The sun will rise for you.
Only For you.


  1. Who is the 'you' ... u mean anyone reading the poem or is there someone in particular?? ;)

  2. @Sakshi: It was initially written for some one in particular. Now it can be for anyone

  3. Wow !! This is just.......amazing !! I still cant find the perfect word but i guess Amazing is the nearest one !! :)

  4. am late here..... its written beautifully..


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